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Are you ready to put your relationship back on track?

‘Rekindle the Love’ is a unique three day private Relationship Makeover workshop retreat for ALL couples, including blended families and LGBTIQ relationships. It takes place in Katoomba, which is situated in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW. I invite you to explore the benefits of individually structured, intensive couples’ counselling, just for the two of you, in my nurturing environment.

Relationship makeover retreats are available for both weekends and mid-week.

What can I expect?

If you want to renew your love for your partner, repair a failing relationship or make a major relationship decision, this intensive and effective couple’s retreat, over three days & two nights, will provide you with the tools to:

  • Improve communication on all levels
  • Gain new insights about yourself and your partner
  • Bring back fun and romance into your relationship
  • Work through conflict and frustration to come closer together, not further apart
  • Deepen emotional and sexual intimacy, and harmony
  • Learn how to express your own needs more clearly
  • Create your personal blueprint for a lasting and successful relationship
  • Rekindle your love and passion for each other

You and your partner can escape the responsibilities of every-day life for three days, and just focus on your relationship. By leaving behind family and work pressures, and the time constraints involved in traditional weekly counselling sessions, you will be free to rediscover yourselves as partners and to remember why you originally made the choice to be a couple.

But my partner doesn’t want to do couple’s counselling…

Don’t leave it too late

 If you’re having problems with your relationship, now is the time to take action……

You may have already considered having a romantic weekend away, to try and look at your problems in a more relaxed environment.  ‘Rekindle The Love’ workshop retreats offer both a chance to have that romantic break, as well as intensive professional counselling. Choose either two night’s romantic accommodation with one of my partnered accommodation providers, plus three days of private intensive counselling at my clinic in Katoomba, or you may organise your own accommodation.

My name is Carole and I will be your guide, support and therapist during this journey. I am an experienced psychotherapist who would love to talk to you (0407 009 050) in confidence, to answer all your queries, or please email me via the contact form. If you would like to book a free 15 minute online video conference session with yourself and your partner, to discuss any of your particular needs, this can also be requested on the contact form, and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

click here for mid-week pricingThere are no guaranteed results in couple counselling, but whatever results emerge, you can be sure that you gave this relationship its best attempt to be repaired and renewed. And after all the work you have already put into it, is three more days of your life too much to ask?

For details about fees please read this page.


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Your relationship is worth it.

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