Is Your Relationship Like a Slow-Motion Car Crash?

Is your Relationship in Crisis?

Are you about to Break-Up?

Are you Always Fighting?

Are you at ?

If you are not sure that you want to leave, but you can’t continue to live in this way...

About It

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A 1-day intensive workshop for Couples in Crisis

My 1-day ‘Relationship in Crisis’ intensive workshop will allow you both to unpack what you have brought to this breakdown and discuss how you can begin to repair the damage.

It allows you both to have your say in a safe and supportive environment and to start the process towards decision making as to ‘where to from here’?...

The ‘Relationship in Crisis’ workshop is for crisis intervention, in a space that allows you to make decisions about your future, and to understand what has ruptured your intimate couple bond.

It is a 6- hour starting point towards understanding and where possible, healing and repairing, by giving you the tools you need to make the changes that you both desire.

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You Have 2 Choices...

Leave things as they are, do nothing, and watch yourselves…



Take Positive Action

portrait of Carole Kelly, relationship specialist

I Can Help

Hello, my name is Carole.

I am a Psychotherapist who has been specialising in Relationships for nearly 15 years.

Couples come to me from all over Australia, for professional and non-judgemental help.

Contact me, and let's find out if my ‘Relationship in Crisis’ workshop is suitable for you both.

I promise that I will give you my honest opinion, and I will not ‘sell’ you this workshop if I believe that it is not right for you

Take Positive Action Now

Fill out this form to receive information about the ‘Relationship in Crisis’ workshop, and if you want, we can set a time for a video chat about your situation.

I promise you that there is no obligation to book… but, just in case there is a chance that you can rescue your relationship, contacting me might be the best thing you can do.

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