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Online Clinic

To book a 15 minute appointment for an enquiry about the workshops, email or call Carole now on 0407 009 050. If she is in session or otherwise unavailable when you call, please leave a message and she will call you back.

Once you have an online appointment with Carole arranged, please scroll down for details of how to start your session with her.

Once you book an online session, Carole will send you an email link for you to click and join the online chat with her. Your consultation will take place on the internet, in your web-browser; you do not have to download any software. When you are prompted, please click the option to allow the service to use your camera and microphone. Make sure that your camera, microphone, and speakers are switched on and working properly.

  1. To start your consultation, please enter Carole’s virtual waiting room by clicking the Waiting Room button.
  1. For the most comfortable experience, please use your computer or laptop for your consultation. While you can use your Android or iPhone, it is often uncomfortable for a full-length follow-up session.

When Carole is ready for your appointment and sees that you are waiting for her, she will start the session. 

Please Note: 

The technical information on the VSee website includes a message that you can use your mobile phone’s audio at the same time as viewing the video on your computer, laptop or tablet. In most instances this is not necessary and does make the experience a lot more confusing for most people.

For the best experience, please use your device’s primary default speakers and microphone.

Technical Information

Carole uses the secure VSee service which is for therapists, doctors and other clinicians who offer online consultations. Here is a list of technical requirements for the best online clinical experience.

  1. The following browsers are the only supported ones for this service: please note that JavaScript must be enabled, and cookies must be allowed.
  1. Internet Connection: A minimum of 200 kbps upload and download is required (500 kbps recommended)

If you want, you can download software, but you do not have to. Here is a list:

Carole's workshops are Covid Safe
Carole's workshops are Covid Safe
We are going real well, probably better than we ever expected.

I personally thank you for making such a difference to my life and I know (S) feels the same.
Galah couple eating
from QLD
Your workshop was great for us and was what we needed to make a fresh start and turn our relationship around.

We'd recommend your workshop to any couple who are in trouble and want to rekindle their love!

Thanks again Carole
Galah Couple
J & M
from NSW

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Carole's workshops are Covid Safe
Carole’s workshops are Covid Safe

In the current time, I regret that I am unable to offer workshops, other than for couples living in the Oberon LGA, who are both double vaccinated.

Hopefully this situation will change soon, and you are welcome to contact me about availability for future dates.

Please note, however, the requirement for you both to be double vaccinated will remain, even when lockdown is lifted.