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Workshop Structure

There are two Relationship Rescue workshops available...

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‘Relationship in Crisis’ is a 1-day intensive workshop for couples who are either in crisis, or unable to attend the 2-day workshop due to time or family commitments. Any 1 day may be booked for this workshop, which takes place from 10-5pm.

Click for more details to see if this shorter workshop is more suitable for you to attend.


‘Rekindle the Love’ is a 2-day relationship rescue workshop, a personalised program for couples, who are looking for an intensive approach to relationship counselling. Any 2 consecutive days may be booked for this workshop. Both days are from 10am to 4pm, although this can be flexible according to your obligations.

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Both workshops can be completed either in my clinic at Oberon, or your own home or AirBnB, within NSW or the ACT. 

They are a highly effective way to help the two of you understand and resolve your problems, whether you are at a crisis point in your relationship or wanting to build a deeper and more intimate connection. Sessions are completely private, just for the two of you.

Enquiries and Bookings

Contact Carole with any questions or to make your Rekindle the Love booking.
We are going real well, probably better than we ever expected.

I personally thank you for making such a difference to my life and I know (S) feels the same.
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from QLD
Your workshop was great for us and was what we needed to make a fresh start and turn our relationship around.

We'd recommend your workshop to any couple who are in trouble and want to rekindle their love!

Thanks again Carole
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J & M
from NSW

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Carole's workshops are Covid Safe
Carole’s workshops are Covid Safe

Please note;

I am able to offer workshops to couples who are both fully vaccinated, or have official exemptions.

You are welcome from anywhere in NSW, and from any other state or territory in Australia, subject to the current published restrictions and conditions detailed on the NSW Government’s Travel Restrictions webpage.

International travellers are also welcome, again subject to the current published restrictions and conditions detailed on the NSW Government’s Travel Restrictions webpage.